Yoga Teacher Training- What You Need to Know

If you love yoga and it has had a profound and positive impact on your life you may be considering training to teach it. Choosing the right course is important and knowing whether you are ready to begin:

  • What qualifications do you need to teach yoga? Generally a 200 hour course should be enough to get you ready to teach beginners yoga and get insurance but choose a longer course that gives you time to absorb the information and practice teach whilst training. A short course ( less than 6 months) just won’t give you the time you need to study, learn and practice. You shouldn’t rush this training.
  • How long should I have been practising yoga before I train? The general advice is at least 2 years and that is 2 years of getting on your mat regularly and preferably attending classes with a regular teacher. This is so that you know the asanas and the language of yoga well both physically and mentally. Think of it like this- you wouldn’t go and train to be a french teacher without being able to speak french fluently. Yoga is the same. You should know it well. It’s not about being able to do advanced asana but you need to have a good repertoire of asana in your practice and know the alignment of them. Many trainings out there- especially short courses will take any student regardless of experience. You should be invited for an interview and a class so that the teacher can see you on the mat and meet you in person.

  • What about online Yoga Teacher Trainings? These are not recommended regardless of who the trainer is. Teaching yoga is a very visceral experience. It happens in the moment and you respond to the energy and feedback of the students in the room with you. You just can’t be taught this online. Yoga teacher training is also a group experience. It is about connection, sharing, peer support and learning. We would never train a yoga teacher this way. Our course is very practical and we are observing and responding to that feedback all of the time and training our students to do the same.

  • How much does a yoga teacher earn? Most yoga teachers earn around £30-£50 an hour depending on where you are teaching. Unfortunately most gyms or leisure centres still pay around £20-£25 per hour ( it hasn’t changed for 20 years!!) If you teach your own classes you can expect to earn more in the region of £100 to £150 per class. It’s good practice to have revenue coming in from a few different places. Most teachers work part time as well as teach yoga and this is a good way to ensure you have a steady income.
  • I’m not sure I want to teach. Can I still do Yoga Teacher Training? Absolutely. A lot of our students don’t think they want to teach at the beginning of the course but by the end 90 percent of them do!! Yoga Teacher Training helps you develop confidence, self-awareness, communication skills, resilience, creativity and an ability to think on your feet. It helps you in all areas of your life. Plus you get to absorb yourself in the study of yoga with a group of like-minded individuals who will become life-long friends. You will be expected to teach on the course though so do bear that in mind.

How do I choose a Yoga Teacher Training Course? It is important that you feel a connection to the trainers and that the way that they teach resonates with you. They will be your guide and mentor for at least a year, maybe longer so choose someone who you feel you want to learn from. Also look at the layout of the course and be realistic about what you can commit to. Are there options to take longer if you need to? Is there an opportunity to attend an immersion or weekend before signing up? We have built this into our training from this year so that we can help students decide. Speak to other graduates about the course and the trainers. Ask if you can attend one of their classes and chat to them afterwards. If you like their teaching then its highly likely you will enjoy the training. Don’t pay for interviews or auditions for Teacher training courses. Ethically we don’t think this is right. A Trainer should be available to answer any questions you have about the course. We often invite students in on one of our current training weekends and connect them to graduates. Choose experienced trainers who have been teaching at least 10 years. They will have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with you. We would love you to choose our course- we have been training yoga teachers for over 15 years- but it has to be the right course for you and at the right time.

  • Consider the following when thinking about training:
  1. Motivation– Why do you want to train?
  2. Finances– Can you afford it?
  3. Time commitment– Do you have the time?
  4. Health- How is your health? Do you feel strong enough and do you have the energy?
  5. Family– Are your family supportive and will they help
  6. Your Yoga Practice– Your attitude to your time on the mat will change. You will be doing yoga, thinking about yoga and studying yoga. You may fall out of love with it for a bit but you will also gain a deeper knowledge, love and understanding of yourself and your practice.
  7. Rewards– It is a beautiful and rewarding path. There is nothing better than seeing a student smiling at the end of class. Seeing them relax, their mood shift. You get to share something you love and help people.
  8. Challenge– Are you ready for a mental and physical challenge that will have you laughing and crying? Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and make some life changes?

If you are answering yes to most of the above questions then you are more than likely ready to do yoga teacher training. Is this year your year?

If you have any questions about yoga training or anything else yoga do get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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Love and Yoga

Nichi Green

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