Chakra Focused Yoga

What are chakras? In yoga philosophy we can trace right back to ancient texts called the vedas- ancient spiritual texts where chakras are described as energy points and it is believed that working through specific yoga postures and practices can help restore balance in these energetic systems.

Chakra (cakra in sanskrit) translates as wheel and yoga texts list 7 major chakra points in the body. Each point relates to different organs/ systems and emotions. We know that yoga, breathing and meditation practices can restore health and vitality in the body- is it to do with these Chakras? We don’t really know for sure but it’s a very interesting theme to explore.

In this playlist we have selected our Chakra focused yoga classes including Chakra Flows with Cat- one for each Chakra!! We would love to hear how you feel after following these practices. Do you feel more balanced? More calm? More centred?