Winter Newsletter

Yoga Space Winter Newsletter  It has been a strange time this last month as I start winding down the studio. Sarah has moved to her new venue today to run her own classes and i have been packing and moving things ready to close. I was talking to a friend yesterday and he was saying how much…

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Yoga and Running

To me running and yoga are inseparable. Both connected with a common thread. The breath. The first thing I bring to my yoga practice is the breath. Soothing, calming and centering. It prepares and guides me through the sequence. I use it to allow me to tune in to how my body and mind are…

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So What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is one of the most powerful practices for meditation and self-healing. Yoga Nidra is a holistic system of healing through every layer of our being. In Sanskrit, Yoga means “Oneness or union” and Nidra means “Sleep.” Often you’ll hear it referred to as “Yogic sleep,” but it is far from simply that. Your…

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Sunset and person what is yoga

20 Reasons You Can’t Do Yoga… And Why None of Them Are True – by Amber Burke There are almost as many great reasons to do yoga as there are yoga poses. Studies are showing what many yogis already know: yoga increases strength and flexibility while decreasing stress. Additionally, yoga has been found to improve our respiration, heart health, and sleep quality. Yoga has also been used…

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An exercise in Mindfulness

This was set for our Teacher Training students as one of their homework questions. Here are some of their responses Mindfulness is everywhere at the moment though I think its become so much of a buzz word its glorification by the media is actually moving us away from its true meaning. Yoga should be a…

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