What’s Your Covid Policy?

We are blessed to have an airy and spacious studio with excellent ventilation. We have restricted our classes to 20 mat spaces and all students have to prebook their class so we have a record of everyone attending. Mat spaces are marked out to ensure students keep distance.We ask that students bring their own equipment and wipe down any door hanles, shared contact points after each class. Students should wear a mask on entry, hand sanitise and scan the QR code. We ask that students wear socks when moving around the studio. On booking all students receive an email reminding them not to attend if they feel at all unwell or if they have been asked to self isolate. Windows are opened between classes for air circulation. We have also allowed for more time between classes in order to allow students to leave and arrive without crossover.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?

Yes since the covid pandemic we are requesting that you bring all of your own equipment. We do have a shop in our reception and you can purchase a yoga mat and blocks from us or via our online shop.

When should I arrive for a class?

Please arrive ten minutes before the class is due to start so you can get settled in. Please do not attend the class late as we may not be able to admit you. The same goes for a zoom class. You should be signed in at least 10 minutes before class starts.

What should I wear?

Loose comfortable clothing you can move in. You don’t wear socks during yoga but we ask that you wear them when walking around the studio and  you may want them and a nice warm jumper/ blanket for relaxation at the end of a class.

Do I need to book?

Yes booking is essential for all classes. We can’t take drops in at the moment due to covid restrictions. 

I’m a complete beginner, which classes are suitable?

Stick to classes that state beginners next to them or try a 4 week beginners yoga course first before moving into a Yoga For All Levels class. 

I’m pregnant, can I attend classes?

Yoga is not recommended for your first trimester, if you are in your second or third trimester we reccommend pregnancy yoga with Krissy Bonner, contact krissybonner@gmail.com.If you would like to attend one of our other classes please contact the teacher before attending to ensure relevant adjustments can be made. You really need to have a regular yoga practice already before attending general classes.

Where can I park?

You can park on the street either side of the building in the daytime or evening. We will be getting bicylce parking soon.