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The Vagus Nerve, Slow Breathing and the Art of Relaxation

Why is slow breathing so important in yoga and meditation practice? Nichi explains why in this fascinating article. The vagus nerve is “Queen” of the parasympathetic nervous system (P.N.S) our relaxation status. It runs from the neck all the way down to the abdomen and is called the vagus because it wanders down through the […]

Celebrating our 17th Birthday we have created a fantastic festival for you in partnership with some of our favourite teachers and yoga studios in Yorkshire. Bringing the yoga community together and providing a selection of yoga classes for all levels running the weekend 5th-6th February but also with guest classes 8th-11th Feb. An unlimited Festival [...]

Everything you need to know when choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Everything you need to know about choosing a Yoga Teacher Training, is going to help you make a better, more informed decision about which training you should choose. Let’s face it, deciding to train to be a yoga teacher is a big step and then finding the right course that suits you can be complicated- […]

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