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Everything you need to know when choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Everything you need to know about choosing a Yoga Teacher Training, is going to help you make a better, more informed decision about which training you should choose. Let’s face it, deciding to train to be a yoga teacher is a big step and then finding the right course that suits you can be complicated- […]

Yoga at Home: Our top tips for a dedicated practice

With lots of yoga having moved online in 2020, and even when the world is opened up again we will all probably still do more yoga at home alongside going to a studio. So we’ve looked at how you can start a home yoga practice (if you haven’t already) and make time for yourself. Where […]

How to improve your runners body without a therapist!

Running is undeniably hard on the body, and if you want to run for a lifetime then you need to do something to support all the soft tissues. This might be massage, but how many of us have the resources to get massages weekly? In her article Why Roll? Nichi (the UK’s only teacher) talks […]

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