Quick Yoga Fix

A wonderful class that provides an ideal way to wake up the body and clear the mind.

Twisty Hippy Flow

Ooh you just have to love a practice like this one. Twists are so good for you and combined with hip asana you just can’t get enough it!

Prana Flow

Perfect for any time you need to dust off the cobwebs!! Bringing in a bit of everything this is Nichis’ favorite type of practice.

Upper Back Focus

This practice manages to relieve tension in upper back ,shoulders and neck whilst also giving you a strong practice for your legs, core and hips.

Hips + Spine Divine

This short creative flow focuses on hips and fine. Perfect for the mornings or anytime you need a lift physically and mentally.

Yang to Yin Balance

Join Nichi for this uplifting vinyasa practice combined with deeply relaxing yin yoga to finish. You will love it.