To The Moon + Back

A lovely creative + progressive sequence that repeats and focuses around standing splits and half moon pose.

Vibrant Flow

A strong flowing class with a particular focus on hips, legs and balancing. Great for the spine too.

Yamuna- Inner legs

This sequence is a must for your legs as well as benefiting core engagement and pelvic alignment.

Upper Back Focus

This practice manages to relieve tension in upper back ,shoulders and neck whilst also giving you a strong practice for your legs, core and hips.

Peace Mudra Flow

Another class in the Mudra series. This is a strong leg and hip practice but soft on the upper body as there is no weight bearing into arms in this practice.

Twist + Turn Flow

This interesting sequence combines leg strengthening, stretching, twists and balancing in a repetitive flow to build heat and flexibility.

Yamuna- Lower legs

These sequences work down the front of the shins and the back of the lower legs.Calf muscles can be very tight and difficult to release. Placing the black yamuna ball between the upper and lower leg allows for an interesting and very effective practice..