tree pose in yoga studio


A Yoga class suitable for all levels. Deeply relaxing and a great class for students who want to practice a less dynamic style. No vinyasas here but a deep focus on the breath and asana alignment.

What to expect in our Yoga class

  • Slow and deeply meditative this a perfect class to help you relax and unwind and is suitable for everyone.
  • Asana practice, breathing and alignment in a classic Hatha Yoga form.
  • This is a great class if you know a bit of yoga but are out of practice, are early in your yoga journey, or are more experienced but what a gentle class to really connect with breath and feeling

What are the benefits of this gentle Yoga class

  • Alignment and breath work are the focus here, which means if you’re having a less energetic day this is perfect.
  • There are no vinyasas in this class, which gives your body a break from these movements.
  • Less stress into wrists and arms with no vinyasas.
  • Time to really understand your body in various postures
  • Great for relaxation and calming the nervous system

Useful Information

  • Wednesdays Yoga 10am-11am with Gerry ( some experience advised). Zoom + Studio
  • This class will continue with Nichi on zoom only from 1st December.
  • Book below. To buy a pass select packages. Time will be added on for Christmas holidays.