Leeds Yoga Teacher Training, practicing and adjusting

Get Ready For Teacher Training

So you have signed up for Yoga Teacher Training. You have been thinking about it for ages and have now chosen your course and made the decision that this is your year to do it!! Congratulations. You have just taken that first big step towards sharing your love of yoga. What next? It will probably be a few months before the course begins. In this blog we cover how to get ready for your course.

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Alignment Tips for Headstand and Shoulderstand

An overview of anatomy and some alignment tips to make sure that your shoulderstand and headstand practice aren’t a pain in the neck. https://yogainternational.com/article/view/alignment-tips-for-headstand-and-shoulderstand – Judith Lasater You do not have to be a student of yoga asana to be aware of how problems with your neck can interfere with your day-to-day functioning. At one time…

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Practicing With An Injury

Maybe it’s a short term thing, maybe a long term thing, but if you’ve got an injury getting on your mat is no easy task. There you are, utilising the body for your yoga practice and there the body is holding you back. Or is it? What if injuries were actually our greatest teacher? What…

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Why Alignment, Why Anatomy

Why is alignment so important in your Yoga practice? What difference does it really make? One of our favourite teachers and friends Tim Feldmann writes all about it this article. WHY ALIGNMENT – WHY ANATOMY? A good use and healthy alignment is the natural state of the body. Connecting to this innate state unravels habitual…

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Rethink Your Chaturanga Alignment: 6 Practice Tips

Challenging and strength-building, chaturanga dandasana (four-limbed staff pose) is probably one of the most frequently practiced postures in vinyasa classes. Its classic alignment is a challenge to many students from the get-go, but as our practice and understanding of the human body evolve, our alignment in postures can as well.   https://yogainternational.com/article/view/realign-chaturanga – by Leah Sugerman…

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Thinking of Neuromuscular Patterns and Practice

The truth is, that at present, the most popular way to interface with the long tradition of yoga is through our physicality. Our physical patterns are created through a combination of elements in our body. They don’t live in the mind, or the body but in both. https://www.yoganatomy.com/thinking-of-patterns-and-practice/ – by David Keil Something I often…

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