Power Flow

As the weather turns colder its great to stoke our inner fire with a dynamic yoga practice. For experienced yoga students, this practice incorporates core work, upper body and legs as well as backbends, hips and twists.

Feel Better Yoga

Feel better in 14 minutes with this mindful practice that combines yoga and stretching. Great for the morning before you start your day or anytime you need a little energy boost.

Peace Mudra Flow

Another class in the Mudra series. This is a strong leg and hip practice but soft on the upper body as there is no weight bearing into arms in this practice.

Yang to Yin- Twists

You can’t help but feel good after a twisting yoga practice. Join Nichi for this combined yang/yin practice.

Find Your Flow

This is a lovely practice that moves from side to side and turns to open up the hips, shoulders and create space in the side body.

Good Morning Yoga

Suitable for students with a bit of yoga experience this is a great get up and go class.

Rise Up

This is a great morning practice to help you get your energy flowing.

Happy Shoulder Flow

This uplifting flowing yoga class is a great practice anytime of the day. Fantastic for releasing tension in the upper back.

Spinal Health

This is the kind of practice that we all should be doing every day. If only we had the time right?

Hiit Workout

Hiit and stretch is a combination class Helena created back in 2014, when she was low on time but wanted a bit of exercise and a stretch.

Yamuna-Thoracic Spine

Combine this with any of the other Yamuna spine sequences and feel your back and neck tension unwind.