Essential Shoulders

Incorporate this routine into a regular weekly practice to keep your shoulders healthy and happy.

Quick Yoga Fix

A wonderful class that provides an ideal way to wake up the body and clear the mind.

Yamuna Hip Release

Do these sequences anytime to help release the hips, the lower back and improve your lower body connection. Fantastic to do before your yoga practice.

Hippy Dippy 2

A lovely repetitive sequence around pigeon pose suitable for experienced students.

Cats and Dogs

This simple but effective practice focuses on variations of cat and dog poses to really get into the spine and improve mobility and spinal health.

Leg + Hip Focus 2

This is the full version of Leg + Hip Focus 1 as it adds in more standing postures.

Get On Your Mat

A full bodied practice that touches every part to inspire and invigorate your practice.

Prana Flow

Perfect for any time you need to dust off the cobwebs!! Bringing in a bit of everything this is Nichis’ favorite type of practice.

Hippy Dippy

This gorgeous grounding practice is suitable for all levels. If you want to ease off don’t use the yoga brick under your foot.

Anytime Yamuna

A fantastic morning practice for before yoga or after exercise. This will really set you up for the day.

Find Your Flow

This is a lovely practice that moves from side to side and turns to open up the hips, shoulders and create space in the side body.

Happy Shoulder Flow

This uplifting flowing yoga class is a great practice anytime of the day. Fantastic for releasing tension in the upper back.

Hip Strength + Mobility

For experienced yoga students. You need a sturdy chair that will take your weight. In this practice Nichi uses the chair to help get deeper into familiar hip focused asana but you will also notice how much more this practice makes your muscles work.

Yamuna- Hips black ball

The black ball works wonders in and around the hip joint and this is one of my favourite sequences. Good anytime and an absolute must if you sit a lot, run or cycle.