Struggling with Savasana

Savasana – Ahh… or Argh!? Simultaneously the most and the least challenging of all yoga poses, but perhaps the most important. by Kirsty Tomlinson If you struggle with Savasana or skip it altogether, you are definitely not alone! We look at the paradoxical nature of Savasana and why it’s so essential to our yoga practice.…

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How to Meditate – The Ultimate Guide

By training in meditation, we create an inner space and clarity that enables us to control our mind and assist in promoting relaxation and focussing on the positive aspects of life such as love, patience and forgiveness. Meditation means different things to different people. One thing that most will agree on is that…

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Natural Born Yogis

Why children need Yoga as much as adults do I loved Primary School. It never really felt like we were doing work. Days were full of adventure and exploring. Teachers were always being silly. I remember my English teacher Mr. Durant once dressed up as a Mummy on Halloween and hid in the cupboard. He…

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Relaxation – A Skill Unto Itself

Relaxation involves the body and mind, along with the interaction between the two. We address Yoga Meditation, which is a process of knowing ourselves at all levels, such that we may eventually come to experience ourselves at the deepest level, the center of consciousness. Relaxation is a skill unto itself   Relaxation involves the…

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How do we stay calm when things around us aren’t?

In this modern day and age it’s easy for our emotions to get the best of us. But we don’t have to let our emotions dictate our actions and define our person. – by Scott Haber You can have anger without acting angry. You can feel anger yet not be angry. Anger is an internal…

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