Dog looking sad - we all wobble

We All Wobble

Having a wobble I have PMT. I take two types of tablets to stop me having PMT, but still it comes and regular as clockwork and I am currently what I can only describe as ‘the size of a house’, even after following four weeks of increased exercise and healthy eating. I’ve spent an entire…

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Eat Pray Love

A while ago I found myself exhausted and stressed out to the max; I’d burned out. That’s a whole other blog, but suffice to say I had to take extended leave from work and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. ‘Do whatever makes you happy’ the GP had said, so after…

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Struggling with Savasana

Savasana – Ahh… or Argh!? Simultaneously the most and the least challenging of all yoga poses, but perhaps the most important. by Kirsty Tomlinson If you struggle with Savasana or skip it altogether, you are definitely not alone! We look at the paradoxical nature of Savasana and why it’s so essential to our yoga practice.…

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Restorative Yoga and The Art of Breathing by Gerry Turvey

Restorative Yoga and The Art of Breathing Benefits of gentle breath and movement in Yoga. Yoga has many physical and mental health benefits, it is easily accessible; progression is personal and immediately effective. Developing and learning the postures help to correct muscular imbalance and skeletal alignment, yoga uses the breath to find a balance between…

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Gently does it

Doing rather than Being is too often the emphasis of our yoga practice (and our lives, especially at Christmas!). Incorporating gentle yoga into our practice is important on many levels. Take a look at some of the reasons why … By Kirsty Tomlinson For those of us who gravitate towards a strong and dynamic yoga…

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Why Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga balances a fast lifestyle and has an enormous capacity to heal physical and mental symptoms that are stress related, and as we know, many diseases these days are stress related. – by Jillian Pransky – by Esther Ekhart When the pace of life is fast, our minds move fast, too. When we…

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How Do You Know What Yoga Practice To Do When You’re Injured?

How do you know what will support the healing process and what you should modify or leave out until you’re healed? by David Keil Yoga practice when you’re injured?…What to do? Yoga practice when you’re injured can be frustrating.  All kinds of feelings can come up: guilt, anger, disappointment, confusion, even a sense of futility.…

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