Yamuna Quick Fix

Using the silver, gold or pearl yamuna ball this short but delightful practice is a fantastic reset for anytime of the day.

Space + Grace

A wonderful practice for the whole body to help you feel centred and energised.

To The Moon + Back

A lovely creative + progressive sequence that repeats and focuses around standing splits and half moon pose.

Hips + Spine Divine

This short creative flow focuses on hips and fine. Perfect for the mornings or anytime you need a lift physically and mentally.

Yang to Yin- Twists

You can’t help but feel good after a twisting yoga practice. Join Nichi for this combined yang/yin practice.

Yamuna Side Line

Yamuna sideline with the bigger ball is one of the most important sequences you can do for back, spinal health and alignment. Great to do before yoga or at the end of the day to help you reset.

Spinal Health

This is the kind of practice that we all should be doing every day. If only we had the time right?

Yamuna-Thoracic Spine

Combine this with any of the other Yamuna spine sequences and feel your back and neck tension unwind.