Saturday Flows- Funky Tripod

Building to a peak pose of a headstand, Nichi weaves in hip, shoulder and core work to prepare you for this interesting and playful asana.

Pigeon Pistol Flow

A fantastic practice for developing strength and improving mobility in the hips and legs. It will also give you more confidence with transitions and balancing.

Dynamic Wall Flow

All at the wall this class helps you bring strength in the legs, feet, wrists and hips as well as flexibility.

Power Flow

As the weather turns colder its great to stoke our inner fire with a dynamic yoga practice. For experienced yoga students, this practice incorporates core work, upper body and legs as well as backbends, hips and twists.

Yoga Works

This is the perfect practice. Balanced and steady it proves that yoga indeed does work.

Vibrant Energy Flow

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Quick Yoga Fix

A wonderful class that provides an ideal way to wake up the body and clear the mind.

Strength + Length

This practice brings in core work and leg and hip strengthening as well as mobility.

To The Moon + Back

A lovely creative + progressive sequence that repeats and focuses around standing splits and half moon pose.

Vibrant Flow

A strong flowing class with a particular focus on hips, legs and balancing. Great for the spine too.

Yamuna-The Pelvis

An absolute must and worth every moment..improve your pelvic alignment, hip mobility and relax your lower back.

Leg + Hip Focus 2

This is the full version of Leg + Hip Focus 1 as it adds in more standing postures.

Get On Your Mat

A full bodied practice that touches every part to inspire and invigorate your practice.


Taking the peak pose of Fallen Triangle, Nichi builds an energising and uplifting practice around the triangle shape.