Saturday Flows- Funky Tripod

Building to a peak pose of a headstand, Nichi weaves in hip, shoulder and core work to prepare you for this interesting and playful asana.

Vibrant Energy Flow

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Space + Grace

A wonderful practice for the whole body to help you feel centred and energised.

Vibrant Flow

A strong flowing class with a particular focus on hips, legs and balancing. Great for the spine too.


Taking the peak pose of Fallen Triangle, Nichi builds an energising and uplifting practice around the triangle shape.

Upper Back Focus

This practice manages to relieve tension in upper back ,shoulders and neck whilst also giving you a strong practice for your legs, core and hips.

Twist + Turn Flow

This interesting sequence combines leg strengthening, stretching, twists and balancing in a repetitive flow to build heat and flexibility.

Hips + Spine Divine

This short creative flow focuses on hips and fine. Perfect for the mornings or anytime you need a lift physically and mentally.

Ganesha Flow

In this practice Nichi introduces Ganesha mudra in a balancing, grounding class suitable for students with some experience.

Go To Yoga

Does exactly what it says on the tin- this go to yoga class is wonderful for anytime you need a reboot.

Yang to Yin Balance

Join Nichi for this uplifting vinyasa practice combined with deeply relaxing yin yoga to finish. You will love it.

Yang to Yin- Flow

Get in the flow with this exhilarating practice. Balanced out with some delicious yin postures at the end. For experienced yoga students.

Rise Up

This is a great morning practice to help you get your energy flowing.