Essential Shoulders

Incorporate this routine into a regular weekly practice to keep your shoulders healthy and happy.

Pigeon Pistol Flow

A fantastic practice for developing strength and improving mobility in the hips and legs. It will also give you more confidence with transitions and balancing.

Hello Yoga

A slow mindful practice that gently wakes up the body, prana and soothes the mind. Suitable for all levels

Dynamic Wall Flow

All at the wall this class helps you bring strength in the legs, feet, wrists and hips as well as flexibility.

Yoga Works

This is the perfect practice. Balanced and steady it proves that yoga indeed does work.

Quick Yoga Fix

A wonderful class that provides an ideal way to wake up the body and clear the mind.

Feel Better Yoga

Feel better in 14 minutes with this mindful practice that combines yoga and stretching. Great for the morning before you start your day or anytime you need a little energy boost.

Twisty Hippy Flow

Ooh you just have to love a practice like this one. Twists are so good for you and combined with hip asana you just can’t get enough it!

Mellow Hatha

All floor based grounding and calming hatha yoga practice with a special focus on the hips.

Strength + Length

This practice brings in core work and leg and hip strengthening as well as mobility.

Hippy Dippy 2

A lovely repetitive sequence around pigeon pose suitable for experienced students.

Cats and Dogs

This simple but effective practice focuses on variations of cat and dog poses to really get into the spine and improve mobility and spinal health.

To The Moon + Back

A lovely creative + progressive sequence that repeats and focuses around standing splits and half moon pose.

Fantastic Thoracic

Reset your shoulders and upper back with this very focused practice. Nichi builds a carefully crafted sequence which will leave you energised and refreshed.

Prana Flow

Perfect for any time you need to dust off the cobwebs!! Bringing in a bit of everything this is Nichis’ favorite type of practice.

Find Your Flow

This is a lovely practice that moves from side to side and turns to open up the hips, shoulders and create space in the side body.