Saturday Flows- Funky Tripod

Building to a peak pose of a headstand, Nichi weaves in hip, shoulder and core work to prepare you for this interesting and playful asana.

Essential Shoulders

Incorporate this routine into a regular weekly practice to keep your shoulders healthy and happy.

Pigeon Pistol Flow

A fantastic practice for developing strength and improving mobility in the hips and legs. It will also give you more confidence with transitions and balancing.

Hello Yoga

A slow mindful practice that gently wakes up the body, prana and soothes the mind. Suitable for all levels

Dynamic Wall Flow

All at the wall this class helps you bring strength in the legs, feet, wrists and hips as well as flexibility.

Twisty Hippy Flow

Ooh you just have to love a practice like this one. Twists are so good for you and combined with hip asana you just can’t get enough it!

Yamuna Hip Release

Do these sequences anytime to help release the hips, the lower back and improve your lower body connection. Fantastic to do before your yoga practice.

Hippy Dippy 2

A lovely repetitive sequence around pigeon pose suitable for experienced students.

Vibrant Flow

A strong flowing class with a particular focus on hips, legs and balancing. Great for the spine too.

Hippy Dippy

This gorgeous grounding practice is suitable for all levels. If you want to ease off don’t use the yoga brick under your foot.

Upper Back Focus

This practice manages to relieve tension in upper back ,shoulders and neck whilst also giving you a strong practice for your legs, core and hips.

Peace Mudra Flow

Another class in the Mudra series. This is a strong leg and hip practice but soft on the upper body as there is no weight bearing into arms in this practice.

Twist + Turn Flow

This interesting sequence combines leg strengthening, stretching, twists and balancing in a repetitive flow to build heat and flexibility.