Saturday Flows- Funky Tripod

Building to a peak pose of a headstand, Nichi weaves in hip, shoulder and core work to prepare you for this interesting and playful asana.

Yoga Works

This is the perfect practice. Balanced and steady it proves that yoga indeed does work.

Moving Into Stillness- Beginners Daily Sequence

This is the perfect practice if your energy is low.. you are just starting or you have had a break from yoga and want to get back into it. Don’t be put off by the length of this class!! It is slow and steady and well worth your time. You need a couple of yoga bricks and a belt.

Unwind Hatha

Perfect for after exercise this slow and mindful practice is one that just keeps giving!!

Get On Your Mat

A full bodied practice that touches every part to inspire and invigorate your practice.

Peace Mudra Flow

Another class in the Mudra series. This is a strong leg and hip practice but soft on the upper body as there is no weight bearing into arms in this practice.

Anytime Yoga

Exactly as it says.. yoga for anytime and any level. This is a lovely grounding practice- vinyasa free but still flowing.

Rise Up

This is a great morning practice to help you get your energy flowing.

Happy Shoulder Flow

This uplifting flowing yoga class is a great practice anytime of the day. Fantastic for releasing tension in the upper back.

Yoga Love

This practice gives you a little bit of everything just where you need it and is perfect anytime of the day.