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Welcome to Yoga Space Online

We hope that this channel will be a welcome addition to our live on Zoom and in studio classes. As we all moved online in March this year we found that our students really loved being able to access our recorded classes. You will find on this channel a library of past classes plus new content which will grow weekly. As our library classes are live streamed they are real time “present” experiences- which is just how we like it. Authentic, no fuss yoga. 

Make yoga part of your home life…

Gain access to all Yoga Space on demand classes from £9.99 per month!

Our Online Teachers

Angela Goodwin

Yoga Teacher
Vinyasa Flow, Slow Flow

Joe Kara

Senior Yoga Teacher

Krissy Bonner

Senior Yoga Teacher
Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal

Eden Heath

Yoga Teacher
Vinyasa, Mobility, Ashtanga

Nichi Green

Senior Yoga Teacher
Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yamuna

Sarah Blenkhorn

Senior Yoga Teacher
Ashtanga, Vinyasa

Gerry Turvey

Senior Yoga Teacher
Hatha, Yin, Restorative

Stephanie Bradbury

Yoga Teacher
Beginners Yoga, Flow

Harriet King

Kids Yoga,

Cat Butterfield

Yoga Teacher
Vinyasa Yoga, Flow

Our On Demand Video Collections

Strong and Dynamic Classes

Very much vinyasa based and often leaning towards Ashtanga for inspiration these classes are for experienced yoga students. Here you will find Fusion classes and Ashtanga Improvers which focus around primary and 2nd series postures. All the teachers here come from a yoga practice firmly rooted in Ashtanga yoga but remember you can always modify your vinyasa if your energy is low. Again great for morning time. 

Creative Hatha

More distinct and slower paced Hatha Yoga practice which give you time to pause and go deep into your asana. Gerry’s unique classes always offer something new and encourage you to explore your practice and postures from different perspectives. Suitable for all levels but maybe have a few props to hand to support you in standing and seated postures. Yoga for anytime of the day.

Short and Sweet

There is something for everyone in this section. Short on time? Need a yoga quick fix? You will find the perfect class here. Most of the classes are suitable for all levels but do check the descriptions. These classes can be done at anytime of the day. Squeeze one in at lunchtime- you will feel much better for it!

Slow Down

We all need a bit of downtime and this is where you will find classes to help you find just that. Delicious Yin with Gerry and Sarah, Restorative and Meditations. Classes to help you sleep and deeply relax. Effortless and nourishing, have plenty of pillows and blankets to hand. Switch off your phone and find a quiet space. 

Yoga Space Classics

Remember the beginning of lockdown? All those months ago? We didn’t know what zoom was, which microphone to use or that most webcams only really work well when you are right in front of them! Anyhow we did record some absolute gems and we have chosen some of our best ones here for you to revisit. Sure we may look a bit fuzzy but the sound is fabulous, you can see what we are doing and we are all teaching from the heart during a very uncertain time. We love some of these and we know you will too!! Plus we kind of like that soft focus… takes years off right?

Move and Flow

Vinyasa style classes that juice up your joints, lengthen your spine and improve flexibility and strength. The majority of these classes are for students with some yoga experience. Angela’s classes tend to be slower and more technique based following different themes. Nichi’s very  much move with the breath in a creative flow and build from a signature thread. Steph’s fluid and steady teaching embraces a rhythmic and progressive vinyasa.

Beginners and Open Level

New to yoga? Wanting more in depth teaching and a slower pace? Need to build strength and work on breathing and flexibility? These are the classes for you. Nichi’s beginners classes are great for understanding postures, breathing and deliver plenty of info on technique. Don’t be put off by the time- you will be so absorbed it will fly by! Plus she always includes meditation, pranayama and a nice long relaxation. Sarah’s Yoga All Levels classes work a lot on strength, standing postures and techniques to help you work on flexibility. It’s always good to have some props to hand- a belt, yoga bricks or books and a couple of cushions. 

Develop Your Asana

So here we get into the nitty gritty of certain postures and really break them down. We will be adding more content to this section over the next few months and guess what? We love requests! Do email us if there is a particular pose you want to work on.. but no one handed handstands yet please!!! Fantastic for yoga teachers, teacher training students or those of you that have a regular practice and want to broaden your knowledge and progress your practice. 

Yoga and Yamuna

Nichi uses the yamuna practice to align, prepare, open and feel into areas of the body to enable a deeper connection and understanding of asana. Yamuna body rolling  uses specially designed balls that stimulate bone and help lengthen muscle and soften fascia. Much deeper than foam rolling you will instantly feel a difference in your experience of asana and it will help you understand not only the yoga postures but also how different areas of the body are connected. These classes are suitable for all levels. You need at least two yamuna balls to do these classes.

Guest Teachers

A selection of the classes led by our teachers from across the country and the world who we wouldn’t usually have access to. Enjoy having a different teacher 🙂

What our students are saying…

In a busy house which is often full of small people, it’s difficult to find the time and space to do a scheduled class. The Yoga Space’s on-demand classes have been the difference between keeping up my practice and the pain and discomfort that returns when I don’t. Thank you to Nichi, Gerry and Sarah in particular for looking after us when we’ve needed it most.


Before Covid I could only manage one class per week because of the added hassle and time for travelling and waiting for the class to start.  Now I have total flexibility to do an online class when I want.  I work in the NHS and life if hectic but ensuring I have ‘me time’ is very important. I now do several classes a week! 


Yoga Space provide interesting and challenging yoga classes which can be accessed at times to suit me. During lockdown I have often done them early in the morning before a days work which has really helped me keep some perspective and focus as I work for the NHS and it’s been hard. I’m grateful Nichi has made classes available and flexible 🙂


Make yoga part of your home life…

Gain access to all Yoga Space on demand classes from £7.50 per month!