It’s never too late to start Yoga

While many yoga classes across the country seem to cater to the youthful enthusiast who wants to sweat his or her way through an hour-and-a-half workout, a growing number of longtime yoga devotees are raising questions about the best way to safely continue a yoga practice into midlife and beyond.

I really like this article from the New York Times. Yoga is too often aimed at the young and bendy, especially in magazines and by the media which is ironic as once you get into your practice the focus should be less and less on the body. We have a fair few students at the studio that are young at heart and our more gentle classes on a Monday at 5.30pm, Friday at 9.45am and Wednesdays at 10am can be ideal if you are new to Yoga. Plus the teachers have a lot of experience which is essential for teaching mixed group classes.

Check our schedule for more details.

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