Yoga Space Online News

All the latest news about our on demand channel- Yoga Space Online. We add new classes every week and its only £9.99 a month. New this month- Jivamukti Yoga with Durga Devi

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April/May 2021 Newsletter

Check out our latest newsletter- we open again on the 17th May and have lots of new classes and events planned. We can’t wait!!

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Yoga and Running

To me running and yoga are inseparable. Both connected with a common thread. The breath. The first thing I bring to my yoga practice is the breath. Soothing, calming and centering. It prepares and guides me through the sequence. I use it to allow me to tune in to how my body and mind are…

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Yoga teacher sat in yoga pose with bike leeds

Yoga for Cyclists

At the Yoga Space many of our members cycle to class which is a great way to help the environment and your fitness, but how can yoga specifically help cyclists?  In this blog we explore yoga poses specifically for cyclists as well as some tips on how to develop flexibility, strength, and relaxation to improve…

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Sunset and person what is yoga

What is Yoga?

One of our new Teacher training students, Sally, writes about the roots of Yoga and what it is to her. This is always the first piece of homework that we set at the beginning of teacher training as its always interesting to hear what students think especially as they start to read around the subject…

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