Hello Yoga

A slow mindful practice that gently wakes up the body, prana and soothes the mind. Suitable for all levels

Yoga Restore

A gentle practice that helps you unwind and deeply relax anytime of the day.

Yoga Works

This is the perfect practice. Balanced and steady it proves that yoga indeed does work.

Moving Into Stillness- Beginners Daily Sequence

This is the perfect practice if your energy is low.. you are just starting or you have had a break from yoga and want to get back into it. Don’t be put off by the length of this class!! It is slow and steady and well worth your time. You need a couple of yoga bricks and a belt.

Bolster Love

This is a great practice to do anytime you need to relax and restore. It will help you sleep if you are feeling anxious or stressed.

Yamuna Hip Release

Do these sequences anytime to help release the hips, the lower back and improve your lower body connection. Fantastic to do before your yoga practice.

Mellow Hatha

All floor based grounding and calming hatha yoga practice with a special focus on the hips.

Cats and Dogs

This simple but effective practice focuses on variations of cat and dog poses to really get into the spine and improve mobility and spinal health.

Fantastic Thoracic

Reset your shoulders and upper back with this very focused practice. Nichi builds a carefully crafted sequence which will leave you energised and refreshed.

Yamuna-The Pelvis

An absolute must and worth every moment..improve your pelvic alignment, hip mobility and relax your lower back.

Yamuna- Inner legs

This sequence is a must for your legs as well as benefiting core engagement and pelvic alignment.

Slow + Low

A gentle, floor based practice for when your energy is low.

Get On Your Mat

A full bodied practice that touches every part to inspire and invigorate your practice.

Prana Flow

Perfect for any time you need to dust off the cobwebs!! Bringing in a bit of everything this is Nichis’ favorite type of practice.

Hippy Dippy

This gorgeous grounding practice is suitable for all levels. If you want to ease off don’t use the yoga brick under your foot.

Go To Yoga

Does exactly what it says on the tin- this go to yoga class is wonderful for anytime you need a reboot.