Yang to Yin- Flow

Get in the flow with this exhilarating practice. Balanced out with some delicious yin postures at the end. For experienced yoga students.

Anytime Yoga

Exactly as it says.. yoga for anytime and any level. This is a lovely grounding practice- vinyasa free but still flowing.

Yang to Yin- Twists

You can’t help but feel good after a twisting yoga practice. Join Nichi for this combined yang/yin practice.

Yang to Yin- Hips

Moving from dynamic to stillness this fantastic practice really helps you gain flexibility, strength as well as helping you unwind.

Hello Upward Bow

Direct and to the point.. this practice works on the hips, quads, upper back and torso to get you into a backbending.

Find Your Flow

This is a lovely practice that moves from side to side and turns to open up the hips, shoulders and create space in the side body.

Good Morning Yoga

Suitable for students with a bit of yoga experience this is a great get up and go class.

Rise Up

This is a great morning practice to help you get your energy flowing.

Yamuna Side Line

Yamuna sideline with the bigger ball is one of the most important sequences you can do for back, spinal health and alignment. Great to do before yoga or at the end of the day to help you reset.

Happy Shoulder Flow

This uplifting flowing yoga class is a great practice anytime of the day. Fantastic for releasing tension in the upper back.

Earth + Space Hatha

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Hip Strength + Mobility

For experienced yoga students. You need a sturdy chair that will take your weight. In this practice Nichi uses the chair to help get deeper into familiar hip focused asana but you will also notice how much more this practice makes your muscles work.

Go To Fusion

A brand new Ashtanga Fusion class from Nichi that gives you a bit of everything.

Spinal Health

This is the kind of practice that we all should be doing every day. If only we had the time right?

Hiit Workout

Hiit and stretch is a combination class Helena created back in 2014, when she was low on time but wanted a bit of exercise and a stretch.