Nichi Green

Founder of The Yoga space, Nichi is a professional Dramatherapist and started practising yoga in 1998. Her love of yoga grew so much that the space was the next natural progression for Nichi who provided a centre for her students and the Yoga community in Leeds for over 17 years. She has been integral in the growth and popularity of yoga in Yorkshire, training and supporting many of its teachers. She has gone on to teach for Ekhart Yoga and run over 50 yoga retreats. In 2013 Nichi deepened her bodywork and knowledge by training as a Yamuna Body Rolling Practitioner. In 2020 she developed her online channel Yoga Space Online which holds a library of over 320 classes.

Over the years she has found her students and her practice to be her greatest teachers. Nichi practices and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha yoga which she finds suits her fascination for movement, anatomy and creativity. She is fascinated how yoga, the creative process and bodywork can help release emotional blocks and trauma in the physical body. Nichi believes that through Yoga, both its physical and spiritual aspects, there is a real potential to heal ourselves. She has found that a deeper interest in philosophy, meditation and chanting has evolved naturally over the last few years and she attributes this to simply getting on her mat. Her love and fascination for all things Yogic is apparent in her teaching and she strives to deliver this enthusiasm in her classes. She is continually evolving as a teacher and strives to find different ways to engage her students and help them really experience and understand what yoga is. Nichi teaches weekly on Tuesdays and Saturdays. She offers regular retreats in the UK her favourite current locations being Runswick Bay, the Lake District, Portugal and Northumberland.

She has a private therapy practice on Wednesdays and Thursdays at Evolve Counselling and Therapy in Leeds and has a diploma in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Neuro Dramatic Play.

Yoga and Live Cello with Nichi and Luca