Yoga and What It Is To Me

Yoga is the journey of the self, to the self, through the self.” – From The Bhagavad Gita.

For me yoga continues to be a journey into becoming one with myself through the combination of asana and pranayama practice. A moving meditation, Yoga is self-love, a dedication to the
self to show up and be accountable for your actions and decisions. In the modern world it is almost looked down upon to do something just for you, people don’t take time to just ‘be’.
Away from technology, away from distractions, time to be at one with yourself – whether that be in a room full of people or in a private place with just your mat for company.Yoga is a way of life, not just a physical practice.The eight limbs of Patanjali that Iyengar beautifully describes in “The Tree of Yoga” resonate with me. I have blossomed into a person that I am much more proud to be because of my practice and the time that I have taken to breathe in the wealth of information that is out there on the Yogic path. I have taken the time to look at myself as a person (how I perceive myself and others) and to begin to understand how this reflects on myself. Yoga is a process which allows us to step back and look at ourselves in a different light and look at the process of our own minds. It allows us to understand and observe our happiness and unhappiness.With this understanding it puts us on a path where we can come to an equilibrium and oneness with ourselves, nature and the people around us. The five yamas set a precedent to be accountable. Of all of them Ahimsa (non violence) has spoken to me the most by giving me the strength to speak from and follow my heart. To be true to myself. I like to see yoga as a tool to live a better life. To ‘unite’ body and mind through asana, pranyama and meditation. Yoga gives you an understanding of your own body, and allows it to, once again, become a part of yourself. For me it has helped me see my body for what is is -instead of criticizing it for not meeting specific media set criteria. I think that yoga allows you to see yourself for what you truly are: strong, determined, human. It allows you to be greatly content with where you are and what you allows you to seek happiness in that moment and choose to grow, whichever way you please, from there.

Yoga is living graciously. Surrendering to the things which you are powerless against. A dedication to spiritual,mental growth and health.

by Abigail Phillips

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