Yoga Teacher Training- What You Need to Know

If you love yoga and it has had a profound and positive impact on your life you may be considering training to teach it. Choosing the right course is important and knowing whether you are ready to begin:

Beginners Yoga Course

Want to start yoga but feel a bit overwhelmed with where to start? This beginners 4 week course is an ideal place to begin.

Guided Meditations with Nichi

Start a meditation practice with these guided meditations. Nichi uses different techniques to help you find a quiet place. Fantastic to practice in the morning or before you go to…

Morning Yoga

Start your day the best way with any of these wonderful classes. Short, uplifting
and energising

Chill Mix

Chosen By Gerry-Enjoy a few deeper slower classes with Angela and Gerry.

5 Days of Yoga

Here is a playlist chosen by Sarah. A whole weeks worth of yoga in varying styles