Yoga to relieve stress & anxiety

Yoga and meditation are amazing ways to relieve stress and anxiety. You can really let go of worries and focus in on yourself.
Stress can wreak havoc on your immune system and it’s important to nurture a strong immune system.

Make yoga and meditation a daily habit to keep your immune system strong and resilient. In addition, incorporate these immune boosting practices into your daily life:

Our top tips to help reduce stress and boost your immune system

  1. Try and move and do some yoga or breathing practice daily. Our classes are currently online – you can see them here.
  2. Yoga and meditation lower stress levels and helps your immune system.
  3. Get outside…Walks in the fresh air increase your vitamin D levels that support the immune system.
  4. Drink lots of water. Add fresh lemon juice to your water which helps get rid of virions from your throat and mouth.
  5. Avoid sugar, this lowers the immune system. Consider a few dark chocolate squares with a 70% or higher ratio of cacao in the bar for your sweet tooth.
  6. Make 8 hours of sleep a big priority.
  7. Up your intake of dark leafy green veggies and freshly made green juices.
  8. Use lavender and essential oils for stress relief and for antibacterial use. Tee tree is a natural antiseptic.You can use it to make your own hand sanitiser.  Use oil burners around the house to help you relax.
  9. Stay informed  with the news but also don’t overload your nervous system with panic and fear. Remember stress lowers your immune system.
  10. Taking time to slow your breathing down and breathe through your nose will lower your stress levels considerably.

Yoga Practice to boost immunity and relieve stress;

This is a wonderful short practice to do at the end of the day to help you unwind and sleep better. Hold each posture for 10 to 20 breaths breathing through your nose with steady, even breaths.

Want to start your home practice? See our blog here.

1. GormukhasanaCow Face Pose

A wonderful pose to help relieve tension in the upper back and shoulders.

You can modify by just doing one arm at a time and straightening the bottom leg. Sit on blocks or a bolster/ cushion to help elevate the pelvis.




2. Paschimottanasana

Forward bends are naturally very calming for the nervous system but can be tricky if you have tight hips and hamstrings. Elevate your pelvis as you need to with cushion or blocks and bend knees if necessary. Use a pillow under your torso and soften shoulders and relax neck.

Forward fold with bolster pose to relieve stress






3. Traction Shoulder Stretch

Another wonderful pose to release tension from the upper back

and shoulders. We love this one!!Shoulder stretch yoga pose





4. Balasana Childs pose with bolster to relieve anxiety

Whatever is going on this pose has a way of making everything right! It is one of the simplest and most effective ways yoga can relieve stress & anxiety. Put extra support under the torso if you need it and cushions between your bum and your heels if your hips are tight.



5. And Relax…

Time out – rest. Make sure you are warm enough and take at least a 15 minute Savasana. Let go of the breath. Relax

Savasana yoga pose with bolster under knees




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  1. Thanks for sharing the useful information. The kind of lives we live today, all of us are bound to be stressed at one point or another. To really get rid of all that lethargy, we need to do something out of routine, which can help relieve our stress eventually. One can really get rid of anxiety if he/she does yoga on a regular basis. Regular yoga brings in a sense of calmness in our mind as our mind and body both start to relax. Here are some Yoga asanas that help to lower your anxiety.

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