The solutions create the problem

At this time of year, New Year’s resolutions are rife. Take a different perspective on this tradition. – Some quick inspiration from Jeff Foster.

If you’re trying to fix your grief, your fear, your anger, your loneliness, your doubts, your broken heart, your deep longing for Home, you’ve already made them into a problem, and so you’re already at war.

Your search for a solution implies that something is broken and needs fixing.

End the war with yourself
There is a ‘good me’ at war with a ‘bad me’, a ‘perfect me’ at war with an ‘imperfect me’, and this is the root of all violence. End the dualistic war. Turn towards the part of yourself that feels broken, tender, raw, ‘bad’, and for a moment, stop searching for its solution. Listen to it. Stay present. Stay very close. It may contain valuable information.

Begin to allow the un-allowable parts, begin to accept the seemingly unacceptable energies within yourself. Shine your light fearlessly into the darkness. You will come to see that there are no enemies within you, no mistakes, no demons, only manifestations of consciousness that long to be met, embraced, integrated as part of an infinitely larger picture; only children that long to return Home…

No solution? No problem. Only Love.

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