Yoga and Running

To me running and yoga are inseparable. Both connected with a common thread. The breath. The first thing I bring to my yoga practice is the breath. Soothing, calming and centering. It prepares and guides me through the sequence. I use it to allow me to tune in to how my body and mind are feeling. It reminds me when I’m over doing and need to back off. It gives me insight as to how I am feeling emotionally.
Likewise, in my running practice I can judge how I feel by observing the breath. Pre-race nervous breathing, shortness of breath, gasping for breath and controlled steady breathing. They are all indications of were I am in my running practice. A running meditation. Over the years I have used meditation and breathing techniques alongside my running.
But of course, with both yoga and running there is the physical aspect. Both can be dynamic; running a marathon or attending an ashtanga class. Both can be restorative; a recovery run or a yin class. Both can help to clear the mind after a stressful day at work. Both are a companion and both are up-lifting. They keep me well and centered during difficult times and I honestly don’t know were I would be without them.

by Sandra Warren

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