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Yoga at Home: Our top tips for a dedicated practice

With lots of yoga having moved online in 2020, and even when the world is opened up again we will all probably still do more yoga at home alongside going to a studio. So we’ve looked at how you can start a home yoga practice (if you haven’t already) and make time for yourself.

Where to practice yoga at home? How much space do I need?

Well, just about anywhere your mat will fit, preferably with a bit of space around it.

Ideally somewhere peaceful that you can retreat away from the rest of the family. Make sure you won’t bump into things so clear the space as much as you can. 

Although not a necessity, for a bit more indulgence and serenity in your home yoga practice you could light a few candles or use an essential oil diffuser. 

Savasana yoga pose at home

How To Hold This Space.

View this as precious time. Stop interruptions by letting your family / housemates know you need this and for how long.

If that doesn’t work, involve them and do a group class!

Leave your phone in another room, or if you are using it for a class schedule set it to “do not disturb”.

Putting on some nice soothing music can really help you practice.

iPhone screen with do not disturb

I haven’t got a yoga block / bolster at home what can I use?

This is where you get to be really resourceful… a blanket or pillows works great for a bolster. 

Books, a rolled up towel or really anything with some stability to it can work as a block. Use your imagination! 

Have a look over on our instagram for we have used for #notablock 

Right or Wrong? How To Tell

The most important thing is to listen to your body and most especially your breath to understand when you reach your edge or if a pose isn’t right for you. 

If you can no longer breath those beautiful deep breaths you find at the start of your practice then ease off or come down to our beloved child’s pose to come back to your breath. 

Also listen to the teacher’s cues and stop to look at the screen if you’re not sure.

Yoga practice at home crossed legged forward fold

Stay Safe in your home yoga practice

If you’re doing one of our online classes we’ll take you through a warm up but if you’re doing your own practice make sure you’ve warmed up your whole body before moving to more advanced poses.

If you are progressing to a deep backbend, for example, make sure you’ve given your back a lovely warm up to ensure you don’t injure yourself. 

Don’t try and practice postures that you haven’t done before in a yoga class. Especially advanced ones like plough, shoulderstand or inversions. Stay within your comfort zone.

Woman in reclined yoga pose

How do you start a home yoga practice? Our top 9 tips:

  1. Find a peaceful spot with a bit of space
  2. Leave your phone in another room
  3. Let your family know you’ll be doing yoga 
  4. Be resourceful with props
  5. Warm Up
  6. Hold the Space.
  7. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body
  8. Pay attention to your breath
  9. Most importantly – Enjoy your practice! 

How to practice with the Yoga Space at home

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